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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 9, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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because somebody is wearing a white coat or a blue suit and red tie for that matter that they know the facts. know them yourself. do your own homework. good night. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] bret: next on "special report" president obama is awarded the nobel peace prize and reaction comes in from around the world, the same day that the president discusses additional troop levels for the war in afghanistan. how far away is he from a final decision? a new analysis tonight. the congressional budget office states that medical malpractice reform could save a lot of green, and we'll tell you why brazil could soon be called the saudi arabia of the western hemisphere. all that plus the fox all-stars and the fright friday lightning round, right here, right now. >> welcome to washington. i'm bret bret.
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president obama woke up this morning to the unexpected news that he had won the nobel peace prize. it is an honor he had not sought and an award he side he wasn't sure he deserved nif to deserve. molly hennenberg has the story. >> 8 months and 19 months into his presidency, president obama does not view the nobel peace prize as a recognition of his own accomplishments but rather as an attempt to give momentum to a set of causes. >> i will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. >> earlier today in nor wairks the nobel committee announced this year's winner to a surprise to some in the audience. >> barack obama. >> world leaders were more come prosed. french president sarcozy said the award marked the return of america into the hearts of the people of the world, but former polish president lech walesa who won the award in 1983 for his efforts to defeat communism said
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it was too early and that obama, quote, has no contributions so far. president obama said he was, quote, deeply humbled by the award. >> to be honest, i do not feel that i deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by this prize. >> mr. obama follows two other sitting u.s. presidents to win the award, woodrow wilson in 1919 for founding the league of nations and theodore roosevelt in 1906 for helping to broker an end to a war between the russians and the japanese. today, president obama even as he received the peace prize acknowledged that the u.s. troops are fighting in iraq and afghanistan. >> i am a commander in chief of a country that's responsible for ending a war and working in another theser to confront a ruthless adversary that directly threatens the american people and our allies. >> still, the five member nobel
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committee voted unanimously citing mr. owe balm mae vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons. his cairo speech to muslims and climate change initiatives. back home, the p president's critics dismissed the award as coming from, quote, elite liberal europeans. >> the nobel peace prize just told obama, we love what you are doing. you are destroying your country as a superpower, keep it up, bud. >> former democratic president jimmy carter in 2002 and former democratic vice president al gore in 2007 and this is evidence that this is a ideological prize. >> i think it has become a very political prize that is handed out to people who agree with the left wing of the spectrum. >> the nominations for the peace prize were due february 1st. 12 days after the president took office. the white house says mr. obama was surprised he had been in the running. >> did he know he had been
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nominateed? >> not that i know. >> does he know who nominated him? >> i don't know. >> the nobel committee keeps the names of the nominators secret for 50 years. the white house says that the president will donate the $1.4 million prize to, thus far unnad charities and that he will attend a nobel awards ceremony in oslo in december, possibly several weeks after he decides whether to send more troops to afghanistan. bret. bret: amazing day. thank you. news of the peace prize came while the president had war on his mind. he met again with his national security team to discuss which afghanistan strategy the u.s. should pursue, and how many more troops should be deployed there. correspondent steve centanni has the details. >> top level strategy sessions on afghanistan continued today at the white house. defense secretary robert gates and the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen among those offering the president their input. no decision yet, but plenty of
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issues are on the table. when asked what kind of progress is being made, white house press secretary robert gibbs offered this. >> the president has been getting what he wants and what he needs throughout the process. >> the question of troop strength has been the focus of public debate, if not the main point of discussion at the white house. general stanley mcchrystal, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has offered a range of options. there were reports that the upward end of that range was 60,000 troops, though the general's preferred option is 40,000. gibbs was also asked about those numbers. >> i'm not going to get into that. i don't believe everything i see on t.v. >> of course, 40,000 or 60,000 more troops would be needed only if the current coun counterinsurgency strategy is continued. >> to perform a full counterinsurgency strategy, you may well need 60,000, because the fact is you're trying to secure the population. >> but that strategy may be adjusted to focus more on al qaeda in pakistan and less on
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the taliban in afghanistan, leaving the taliban free to choose between violence and political engagement. >> to the extent that afghanistan wishes to engage in some kind of political process in the future, that tries to peel away support to the insurgency. we think that's part of a very effective long-term counter counterinsurgency strategy. >> general mcchrystal was scheduled at one point to come to washington for today's white house session, but as one source here at the pentagon put it, the time isn't right yet. >> now, today's white house strategy session focused on afghanistan itself, and we just got a photograph of that session. we have gotten no information yet from the white house on exactly what was talked about. we were told that the controversial topic of troop levels might come up for the very first time during today's meeting. the white house says a final decision will be made within a few weeks. bret. >> steve centanni live at pentagon. thank you. >> suicide bomber in pakistan's
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northwestern region killed 49 people and injured at least 100 more after blowing up his vehicle near a crowded market today. the attack is pakistan's worst in six months and comes as the country's military moves closer to a new offensive along the afghan border. scott heidler is in pakistan with details. >> with the question of if now removed, there is only the question of when pakistan's military will open its next front against the taliban in al qaeda. this has been talk about the offensive for months. the military has already named it "operation path of salvation." >> they give us strong opposition, but we have made observations. >> the screws were tightened last month. >> because of american pressure, they will have to do an operation in southern pakistan because they are linked. >> the mission is critical for pakistan to eliminate taliban
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and al qaeda sanctuaries in the tribal areas in order to break the back of the taliban. pakistan people have been asked to pack their bags and leave. this week, the al al qaeda leader sent a suicide bomber to the islamabad office of the you u.n. world food program killing five, taliban saying international aid was unislamic. the government is bracing for even mortal ban at attacks like we saw at the w.f.t. bombing this week, even the most secure targets can be hit. pakistan's army has fought twice before there both times under a peace agreement but now it is different as they call them neo-taliban. >> these people are the sons of taliban or the new generation of taliban, but they have ip bibed the ideology so it is a new
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phenomenon altogether. >> it is a tougher fight than the swat valley offense where they gained control of the scenic valley near islamabad. >> unlike swat, this is completely a tribal area. it is not the people but the terrain which fights back. >> starting next month, snow will start to fall on some of that terrain, more pressure for the army to get things started. a pakistani official told fox news it will probably kick off in just a few weeks n islamabad, scott heidler, fox news. >> french authorities have arrested a nuclear physicist suspected of links to al qaeda, one of more than 7,000 scientists working at the european organization for nuclear research. officials say the physicist was one of two brothers arrested thursday as part of a french judge's probe into suspected terrorist links. secretary of state hillary clinton leaves for europe today on a tour expected to be dominated by talks with russia about continuing efforts to curb
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iran's nuclear ambitions. clinton will reportedly press russia for more weapons and training for the afghan army. she is also scheduled to make stops in britain, switzerland and northern ireland. the president wins the nobel peace prize, but we will tell you who missed out, later on the grapevine, and the administration works on healthcare reform. we have breaking news tonight from the congressional budget office. been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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bret: a major revision in the democrats healthcare reform plans that demands that everyone buy health insurance may not be as stringent as first envisioned but that could threaten congress's ability to contain the rising cost of healthcare. jim angle explains. >> the central pillar of the entire push for healthcare reform rests on a simple notion, what one analyst calls a grand bargain. >> the insurers have come to the table and said we will agree to
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provide insurance to all comers regardless of preexisting condition, regardless of age, provided that we bring in all of the young healthy people who are currently choosing to forego insurance. >> the only way those reforms can work, and that will keep coverage as affordable as possible is if everybody participates in the healthcare system. >> analysts of all stripes say that's the only way to make it economically feasible to cover everyone regardless of their health, but all that depends on getting young people, a huge segment of the uninsured, to actually buy insurance. >> there are 1r 8 million people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are uninsured, roughly half of the ininsured population are younger people in that age group. >> the young were also critical because they're healthier and spread the risk and hold down premiums. >> unless everybody, young and old is required to participate in the healthcare system, we're going to see a dramatic increase in premiums across the board. health insurance will no longer be affordable for families and small businesses.
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>> so democratic senator max baucus said in his man to force the uninsured to buy in by imposing hefty taxes on those who do not. at first, it was $3800 per family, later cut in half to $1900, and for individuals, the tax is whittled down to a pittance. in the first year of the plan, 2013, it was eliminated altogether n2014, it creeps up to 200 a year, then $400 and then $600 until it hits $750 a year in 2017, so is it $200 or a $400 fine five or six years enough enough to induce young people to buy an insurance policy that costs several thousand dollars? not likely, and if they don't the whole reform effort to collapse. >> there is a series of risk that the personal coverage requirement will be eroded to such an extent that the bargain that's on the table now to offer insurance reform in return for the coverage mandate is in jeopardy of falling apart altogether. >> and insurance costs would
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keep increasing without the young to average them down, which would mean a death spiral of higher premiums making things worse, not better for the middle class. bret. bret: so this could still fall apart. >> it could still fall apart. the key is getting the young to buy into the system. right now, there is not a lot of pressure on them. bret: the president told republicans he would consider measures to reduce medical malpractice lawsuits, although so far they have all been defeated, but supporters get some good news today. carl cameron joins me live on capitol hill with details. good evening, carl. >> hi, bret. of all the five different variations of healthcare reform legislation, none of them have any kind of medical malpractice reform. today, the congressional budget office released a study of one proposal about medical malpractice reform and it is pretty good news t reads "combining the effects on mandatory spending and revenues, a tort reform pack package would reduce federal budget deficits by $54 billion over the next ten
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years, a big possible boost in terms of revenues for the u.s. government, and one that republicans say ought to seriously be considered. democrats get a lot of campaign donations from trial lawyers and the like, and this is something they have been very much opposed to. the other thing you have to understand with c.b.o. reports,. bret, is in the current one, the one that estimates the senate finance bill is $728 billion over a decade from now, most of the spending and taxing doesn't start until 2013 and 2014, three and four years from now and if you go a decade forward from there, it is more like $1.5 trim onor more, almost double. the non-partisan c.b.o. says these numbers are based on conceptual language and not actual legislative text, but still there are a lost unanswered questions here. >> sure. one of the answers they didn't include is the amount of actual taxation. it is not in there. not only is there a question of legislative language being missed but the $81 billion that
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supposedly reduces the deficit over the ten-year period, it says in the footnotes on page three of the congressional budget office report that actually that money won't go to the deficit at all. it will all have to go to the social security trust fund, so there are still a tremendous amount of problems an challenges and unanswered questions and still a lot of time to go before they bring before either house. bret: and the vote is tuesday. carl, thank you. 76 children have now died in the u.s. as a result of the h1n1 virus. the centers for disease control says that is evidence that the virus is unusually dangerous for children, saying that more deaths more likely. 37 states are reporting widespread h1n1 new cases up from 27 states last week. the trade deficit narrowed in august as exports grew slightly and imports dropped. commerce department said it was down to $30.5 billion. stocks finished ahead. dow gained 78. s&p 500 add 6.
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naz nasdaq was up 15. well, the administration continues to say the stimulus is working despite gloomy job numbers, and brazil may have been awarded the 2016 olympic games but we will tell you where else they struck gold.
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bret: in news around the world, the israeli security forces clashed with stone throwing at palestinians after hamas declared a day of rage and urged demonstrations. that was in response to concerns that right wing israelis would harm islamic holy sites in the city. reports say 11 officers were injured and two palestinians arrested. meanwhile, in iran, anti-israeli demonstrators took to the streets of a after hard line
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clerics warned of another palestinian uprising should those tensions continue, after an iranian military official said iran would, quote, blow up the heart of israel if it was attacked by the jewish state or the united states. in the philippines, driving rain on the heels of back-to-back storms triggered dozens of landslides killing more than 160 people. the floods washed away entire villages and left almost an entire province underwater. the latest deluge puts the death toll at about 500. after storms began pounding that country two weeks ago. and in brazil, a relatively new discovery could spell a change in a country where a third of the population lives in poverty. steve harrigan has the story. >> 200 miles off the coast of rio, the largest oil reserve in the world is being developed, an area the size of italy and may contain 100 billion barrels of
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light sweet crude, an amount experts call staggering. it could turn brazil into the saudi arabia of latin america. even for oil men accustomed to exaggeration, it's not easy to describe just what brazil is sitting on. >> i would say it is like winning in an 8-number lottery, we hit 7 of them. >> rules to control the wealth being rewritten now to give more money to the government. international companies will be able to bid for deep water drilling, but 50 to 70% of the production will be given to the state oil company, petro gras. brazil will need help. they are under 20,000 feet of water and the earth's crust and one mile of sand. >> the technology it will take to bring the oil from the sea beds, about four miles deep, does not exist. people are talking in terms of the challenges that there are, it is like going to the moon. >> rigs able to drill deep
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enough to extract the oil will have to be built in brazil at the government's insistence. >> even more challenging might be what happens after the oil is extracted and sold. >> danger of state control can be seen next door in venezuela where hugo chavez uses the state oil company as a personal bank to solidify control over all branches of government and media. the result, one-man rule, runaway inflation and declining oil production. in brazil, 50 million people, one-third of the nation live in poverty. president lmplet ula, whose term ends next year promises the new oil wealth will bring them healthcare and education. steve harrigan, fox news. bret: it seems that making controversial statement0sen capitol hill may be good for business. we will explain. even some of the mainstream media are left scratching their heads after the president wins the nobel peace prize.
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bret: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. immediately after the announcement that president obama won the nobel peace prize, the reactions came flowing in, and while some in the media were quick to characterize with a broad-brush, republican reaction as sour grapes, there were not so conservative media outlets' initial atake. air america wrote on twitter
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"apparently nobel prizes are being awarded to anyone who is not george bush." jennifer levin at the associated pest wrote "he won, but for what?" washington bloafts ezra kline joked on twitter e bouma also awarded nobel prize in chemistry. he's just got great chemistry, says the nobel committee." and another writes "i like barack obama as much as the next liberal but this is a farce." and on the huffington post, an obama supporter wrote "what ever happened to awards for deeds actually done?" he likes it the extremely premature award to giving an oscar to a young director to films that we hope he or she will produce? this year's nominees included 172 people from 33 organizations, the highest number of nominations ever. among those who reportedly lost to president obama include two formerly jailed chinese dissidents. another is a female afghan
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doctor who is outspoke fon women's rights and has been threaten for questioning sharia law. sim bob way's opposition -- zimbabwe's opposition leader was on the list as well as a colombian poll tition who was kidnapped after getting the release of ten political detainees. and joe wilson who, fame famously shouted "you lie!" at the president in his address to congress has has raised $2.7 million since the outburst. his opposition, rob miller, raised $1.5 million last month alone. rob grayson who said that republican's' healthcare plan was, quote, die quickly, well, that quickly raised him some cash. he claimed since last week, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. the obama administration is grappling with bleak jobs
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numbers from the labor departmentment for every job opening in the united states, there are more than 6 unemployed people. white house correspondent wendell goler reports on the latest labor survey in today's on "the job hunt." the labor department report was sobering. the number of job openings in august down 50% from its high two years ago to the lowest level since recordkeeping began in 200-o though the unemployment rate is 9.8% and still rising, the white house says the stimulus package is working, we're ahead of where we thought we would be, and we're ahead of the -- we're ahead of the goals that we had set originally in moving money out. >> republicans who disagreed from the start of the stimulus bill's public works spending has for weeks raised the question of the specter of
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there there be less for in-state programs. >> we will not have all the insurances of child care and hospital payments will be made at a critical time. >> and yes, there will be layoffs, hundreds of iowa state jobs, gone. now, if you don't live in iowa and wonder why you should care, here is the reason. iowa is one of just 48 states all running budget shortfalls, all going through the same tough choices and next year, it looks like it will be worse. >> because revenues still going
6:36 pm
to be low, and the federal aid that a lot of states have relied upon to be able to continue employ hing teachers and firefighters and other works is going to be coming to an end next december. >> that's the other fact here, is 2011 is going to be more difficult than '10. >> in iowa, and in most states. in des moines, steve bound, fox news. >> a a provision to build an additional 300 miles of pedestrian fence along the u.s.-mexico border has been stripped out of the homeland security department funding bill. house members from texas, arizona and california argued that the fencing is a waste of taxpayer money and ineffective. government estimates say about 650 miles of fencing has been completed so far. president obama is awarded the nobel peace prize but for what exactly? the fox all-stars give us their take, after the break. úçzñxñññ
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>> i know that throughout history, the nobel peace prize has not just been used to honor specific achievements, it has also been used to give momentum to a set of causes, and that is why i will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. bret: the president obama awarded the nobel peace prize on the same day he met with his national security team in the situation room talking about troop levels in afghanistan and whether to send additional troops into the war there. of course, he has the war in iraq as well, but today, he was awarded the nobel peace prize, the third president to receive that award. what about this? let's bring in our panel, bill kristol, juan williams, and jeff birnbaum, managing editor digital of "the washington times." bill? >> i'm surprised and deeply
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humbled to be here today to be with you. i know this choice was not made for me personally. it is just a gesture of appreciation for pundits everywhere. i loved obama's faux humility but he should have said no. he should have turned it down and said i appreciate the gesture and i know it is a gesture that is made to americans and we appreciate that but i want to wait until i accomplish what i hope to accomplish but he couldn't resist taking it. there are so many amusing things about it but one of the wonderful things to think about is the reaction of william jefferson clinton, the only democratic president in the last 40 years who hasn't gotten one. jimmy carter, the democratic president before him got it, his own vice president al gore got it and now the next democratic president, barack obama has gotten it, so the news this morning, the bill clinton household, the explosion, not that he has a big temper or anything, but it would have been to have been a fly on the wall at the clinton residence this
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morning. bret: juan, the nominations had to be in february 1st, a few days after the inauguration, so how about this? >> it is unbelievable. if you think about it, he has been in office eight months. it doesn't make sense. on the face of it, you have to stop and think what were they trying to say? what were they trying to do? this was not woodrow wilson, an american president who won it while he was in office, being awarded that because he created the league of nations, a forerunner of the united nations. you can understand something like that. you can understand teddy roosevelt, but in this case, this is really, i think, an anti-bush statement coming from the nobel committee, and i think that what they are saying is that the united states, in terms of its foreign policy has been engaged in war, and has been resistant to the kind of collaborative effort, the kind of fraternal efforts that are the spirit of the nobel peace prize. the odd part is we are still fighting wars in iraq and
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afghanistan. guantanomo bay is still open. it is just puzzling. maybe they want to, as a forerunner of what might be to come, bret, but that's the best case i can make. >> one of my responsibilities is to wake up early in the morning and look at "the washington times" website and when i opened it up, there was obama winning the nobel peace prize, and i thought for sure i was going to have to have a very serious conversation with the desk because they had made such a terrible mistake. i guess this proves that you really can become anything you want in america. what a great country this is. this diminishes the value of one of the world's most important awards. it has been won by martin luther king, jr., and gandhi, but what this is a material side of relief from western europe that barack obama is not george bush,
6:44 pm
that they are tired, in their view, of being lectured to, and they want someone to listen, so being able to listen is enough to win a prize worth $1.4 million, and also have a place in history, are and i think that that diminishes both the president and the prize in a way that it should not. bret: the president, through the white house has said he is going to donate that $1.4 million to charity. we don't know which one yet. no offense to this all-star panel but we did receive e-mails wanting to hear from charles krauthammer on this issue and he is traveling today, but we reached out to him, and here is what he said about it. >> the award is a farce. what has he done? woodrow wilson started the league of nations. teddy roosevelt had ended the russo-japanese war, and obama got it for the fuzzy inter nationalism in which that
6:45 pm
he bends a knee to the united nations. they love that in norway, but the reason americans are stunned is because that's not what a president here is elected to do for his own country." bret: just a taste of charles krauthammer on this issue. he had a lot more to say, but we wanted to keep the panel pithy here. gandhi never won, how there was a long list of folks who were up and organizations who were up this year that raised some eyebrows of why the committee comoas chose the president to look forward, i guess is what they are saying. >> the one that struck me is the woman who won for working against land mines, putting herself in danger for decades. many of the winners of the nobel peace prize have had their lives in true jeopardy in a way that president obama clearly hasn't, and may not, and so the notion
6:46 pm
that he won this is more of a statement by the west that -- in fact, we have had a series of them. al gore won. jimmy carter won, both during the bush administration, and both were seen at the time as a repudiation of bush. now they have gone overboard. it is clearly over the top, in my view. bret: juan, does this hurt from a domestic policy perspective? i mean, does the white house want this now? >> oh, i think, you know, what's interesting is that just a moment ago you were saying -- bill was saying he should turn this award back. i don't think he should turn it back, and here is why. i think it helps his stature. his stature in the world, in domestic politics is now elevated. this is a guy that is entrenched in all sorts of difficulties over healthcare, decisions on increasing troop forces in afghanistan, and suddenly, if he
6:47 pm
had been a rock star before, especially in the international scene, he is even a greater rock star now. he does have now some capital to spend in terms of trying to get other world leaders to be more cooperative. he is a nobel peace prize winner but i must just support what jeff was saying, when i think about chinese dissidents, when i think about people in africa, especially african political leaders who put their lives at risk, i think why don't you acknowledge people who have been out there laboring in the venues? bret: my question is about domestic politics and the decisions he has to make about sending more troops into afghanistan, does the bar now get set higher now that he has the nobel peace prize, will he send in 40,000 troops? >> i don't think it makes a difference. critics saying how did this happen? there are more saying that than saying we have to clear the way for our hero. >> apart from the irani dissidents and chinese dissidents who deserved the prize the most, who have
6:48 pm
actually brought peace to a country that was ravaged by a savage war are david petraeus and ray odierno, who pulled off an accomplishment, ending a war more or less successfully. i hope president obama follows their model and actually does win the war in afghanistan. bret: last word, quickly. >> i think that it will help obama do what he wants to do and what these war meetings are to walk back from his campaign promise to make afghanistan the new war against the taliban. he will now have an additional reason not to agree with what his military leaders want and to send in fewer troops than they're asking for. >> the cause of the nobel peace prize? >> yeah, yes. >> has the comedic tide turned on president obama and is the screws being turned now on charlie rangel? %%%%%%%%%
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>> i just don't see why the right is so riled up. how do you think the left feels? they're the ones that should be mad. i'm sure they thought i would have addressed at least one of the following things by now. global warming. nope. immigration reform. nope. gays in the military. nope. limits on executive powers. nope. torture prosecutions. nope. i'm seeing two big accomplishments looking at this list -- jack and squat. bret: the question in the lightning round, is the comedic tide turning? what do you think? jeff? >> yeah, finally. i think it happens to every president. it just took this president a lot longer to get to this point. he is increasingly funny, and
6:53 pm
this weekend i want to watch "saturday night live" to say about his winning of all things the nobel peace prize, who could imagine such a thing? >> the halo is gone for just the reasons outlined. sometimes satire really is best when it's based in truth. that was a very, very insightful piece of satire. bret: c.n.n. did a fact check on that satire. >> they were so outraged that someone made fun of though president obama. i wish the nobel peace prize committee watched "saturday night live." >> an investigation is being expanded with charlie rangel so what happens with him? >> he is chairman of the tax committee in the house. we are about to have a huge tax bill come to the floor of the house called the healthcare bill and charlie rangel has managed that committee and will will be thereabout on the floor and the guy is a tax dodge. it is ludicrous. it will make it easy
6:54 pm
forerepublicans to scream and yell about this guy is in charge of raising your taxes. >> how much does it hurt democrats? >> it is inside democratic counsel on the hill a problem. they realize they are griffing a gift to republicans. republicans seem like they are people of high values an great standards when it comes to corruption and they have charlie rangel as example a. the democrats want to do something about it but it's very difficult. >> even in the house of representatives, the chairman of the tax writing committee cannot be allowed to evade taxes. the problem of the ethics subcommittee investigation into him, they did a signal by the leaders that charlie rangel should step down as chairman. bret: friday, bring your own topic. jeff. >> there is another c.b. o, congressional budget office estimate for a crackdown, a r eevment ining of a -- a reining
6:55 pm
of $50 billion a year that could be saved with tort reform on lawsuits but the democrats are not likely to do that because they have gotten so much money from trial lawyers. bret: juan? >> president obama will speak to gay rights this weekend and his response is chilly because he has not acted on don't ask, don't tell and the defense of marriage act, and they are asking where is the obama that was going to be a change agent for human rights in this country. they don't see it. >> sarah pail-be awarded the literature award for the nobel prize, so they will retract the prize from the romaineian that got it and give it to her. going rogue. nobel prize winner, sarah palin. it could be huge!
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bret: well, that is it for the friday lightning round and this panel. thanks to charles for calling in on the previous one. tune in for an exciting interview that you may have missed. . 7% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. .
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bret: a very serious story with the folks unemployed and people want to hear the latest analysis of what's next. is this serious, important or exciting? >> the up put -- the input to output has been going down and down and that can't continue. the silver lining at some point -- et


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